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What To Wear


This is actually very important!

Newborns photograph best naked with just a diaper and maybe a hat. I provide hats and diaper covers to choose from, or you can purchase your own hat. A wonderful place to purchase newborn hats is (all handmade knitted hats).

Children photograph best in lots of colors, layers and textures. Hats are a must even if you take it off for a few! The more trendy the better.

If you are having family photos done, then dress your children in coordinating layers and colors. Then pick a color or two from their outfits for you and your spouse to wear. I know it can be stressful, just try to make it fun with lots of accessories! Believe me, it makes a huge difference! Give me a call if you have any questions!

Suggestions for kid sesssions:

Girls-Matilda Jane or similar dresses on etsy (pottermomof3 shop on etsy), etsy accessories (poppyrow shop on etsy for headbands), GAP, J crew, Janie and Jack, Ralph Lauren brand--can't go wrong. I have tons of awesome hats, headbands and leg warmers that I can bring as well.

Boys-J crew, GAP, and Ralph Lauren. Boys are much harder--just don't forget to bring a hat--like a newsboy hat. Belts, suspenders, ties, cool button up-dress up vests, layers, fedora hat--all with jeans is really cute-or shorts in the summer.

Newborns--I have everything you will need. Believe me--I usually get a new hat for every session!! Not to mention new props all the time!

Family sessions-Don't match everyone (please do not put everyone in a white shirt and jeans)! Just coordinate. For example, put a little boy in a mustard yellow sweater with a navy checked shirt underneath, another little boy in a dark grey button up vest with a checked button up shirt underneath (both boys in jeans), dad in jeans with a grey sweater vest and button up shirt mom in a grey or pattern dress with similar colors, a belt around dress with jean jacket or cardigan sweater and cute heals. Both boys in newsboy hats and if their is a little girl put her a skirt or dress solid color with ruffles and bright colored--like mustard yellow and grey dot leg warmers with cute flat shoes. You can add a flower to her hair from etsy.

JUST REMEMBER: don't skimp on photo day outfits-this image may be on your wall forever!!